Painful world !!!

I hate it.
It's every day the same.
Same mood at every night.
Same mood at every morning.
It's so depressing.
I'm down.
I miss him.
No. I just miss the old one ...
I'm not strong enough to stand up, if I fall down.
Run. Run. Run away from everything!

Today's song : Nirvana - Depressed. ♫

"Underneath the bridge,
the tarp has sprung a leak.
And the animals, I've trapped,
have all become my pets.
And I'm living off of grass
and the drippings from my ceiling.
It's okay to eat fish,
'cause they don't have any feelings.
Something in the way, hmm.
Something in the way, yeah, hmm."

And this one, too :
(It's greek, and I don't speak greek. So, no songtext.)
(Just a Youtube-Link)



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