No time to post.

Sorry guys.
I have no time left, to post something.
Write u soon.


I can love. But I need his heart. ♥

What the fuck ?!
Hi there.
I'm so depressed today.
Crying all day long ...
Don't know what to do ...
I quit the contact to my boyfriend. :'(
We know each other for over 3 years.
H.e.l.p ... !

Today's song : Lamb - Gabriel. ♫



Painful world !!!

I hate it.
It's every day the same.
Same mood at every night.
Same mood at every morning.
It's so depressing.
I'm down.
I miss him.
No. I just miss the old one ...
I'm not strong enough to stand up, if I fall down.
Run. Run. Run away from everything!

Today's song : Nirvana - Depressed. ♫

"Underneath the bridge,
the tarp has sprung a leak.
And the animals, I've trapped,
have all become my pets.
And I'm living off of grass
and the drippings from my ceiling.
It's okay to eat fish,
'cause they don't have any feelings.
Something in the way, hmm.
Something in the way, yeah, hmm."

And this one, too :
(It's greek, and I don't speak greek. So, no songtext.)
(Just a Youtube-Link)




Good morning. :)
Today's gonna be a boring day. (Like every day...)
I found a new website, it's so funny.
Here -three- pictures, which i made today. :D


Left : Me ! Right : My bff Sophia !
We're cute, aren't we ? ;)

It's my boyfriend Fabi.
What a nice guy. ;) ... NOT !



Good night.

Sleep well.
Read u tomorrow. :)

Today's song : City and Colour - Day old hate. ♫

"So let's face it, this was never what you wanted.
Now you still speak of day old hate.
Thought your whole world has gone up into flames.
And isn't it great, to find that you're really worth nothing?
And how safe it is, to feel safe?
I found you, before I drift away.
The things we do just to keep ourselves alive ...."



A new picture.
It's me in pink. ;)



Here are some emotional pictures of me.

"Where are your wings,
when you take your clothes off?"



Guitar queen. :)

Rock it !
Now I want to show you some pictures of me, with my pink e-guitar.
Hope you like them ...
[No fakes.]

♥ It's Meli.

Sleep tight ...
It's my favourite picture. :)
Hope u like it, too ... ?
Love makes blind.

The lollipop is from "Phantasialand".
It costs 4,95 €.
And this sleeping mask is from "Tchibo"
It costs 4,99€.


Good morning, dear sorrows.

I feel cloudy ...
Nice picture of clouds. :)

I'm not at school today.
And I don't know why! :D
I'm in the 10th class ... and this is my last halfyear.
... it sucks. :x

So, today I will chill and sleep and listen to music and call my boyfriend and so on. :)

Read u l8ter. ♥




Today was a normal day.
I wasn't at school, because I felt ill ...
So, I created my blog. Hope my blog will be great in time. :)

Today's song : Evanescence - Broken. ♫

"I wanted you to know, that I love the way you laugh.
I want to hold you high and steel your pain away.
Because I'm broken, when I'm lonesome.
And I don't feel right, when you're gone away."



The beginning ! ...

Here I am.
After a long time I decided to move on and create a space for my own.
The name is "Everybody is Melancholic",
because this blog is gonna be a mix of my feelings, my mood and my life.
I try to keep my best and to post reggulary. :)

Me and my friend Sophia !
Here we are ! At our classtrip 2009. ;)